How do you talk to your partner about sex toys?

ImageWhen it comes to any type of relationship, the most important thing that you need to remember is to be honest with your partner. Honesty is the most important thing. If you are able to be honest with your partner it will make things so much easier to be able to communicate with each other. You need to be able to communicate about things like your likes and your dislikes. This is especially important when it comes to the subject of sex toys in the bedroom. Well not only the bedroom but anywhere, where you would like to be more “kinky” with your partner. But let’s say we keep things in the bedroom for now.
In the old days people found it more and more difficult to talk about anything sexual. This was because it used to be frowned upon to talk about sex outside of the bedroom. Then when it came to the subject of sex toys, you never thought to even mention them, because they were seen as something that you would only find in a brothel. Never would you ever have sex toys in your house. It would have kind of been like the Amish shunning you for wanting to have electricity. But getting back to the subject at hand. Thankfully, those days of people frowning at the thought of you owning sex toys are long gone. They are not seen as something disgusting anymore but more of a way for you to bring you and your partner closer. How do sex toys bring you and your partner closer you may ask? Well its simple really, the more open and honest you are about your likes and dislikes, the easier it is to communicate and the closer it brings you to your partner.

Now when the subject of sex toys arises, the biggest fear that seems to come up, especially with men, is that they are scared that their partner will feel inadequate. Studies have shown that this is 95% of the time untrue. If you are a man and your female partner starts bringing up the subject of wanting to use a dildo in the bedroom for example, then the first thought that a man usually has is that he is not able to satisfy is partner completely. This is very untrue. Even if you are not penetrating your partner all the way, it does not mean that she is not able to orgasm or enjoys herself. Think of a adult toy in the bedroom as a toy to your enjoyment. Do not think of it as something that is replacing you. U need to get into the right mind-set. Studies have shown that in relationships where the partners use sex toys with each other are 65% less likely to separate and 85% less likely to cheat on their partners. Why is this you ask? This is because when you introduce another exciting thing into the bedroom it opens the doors to other levels of intimacy. It is not just the same old thing that happens on a Saturday night and twice on your birthday or special occasion, but if you keep things fresh and exciting then you always have something to look forward to and it’s not just the “same old, same old.”
Like I said studies have shown that introducing sex toys into the bedroom opens up different levels of intimacy into your relationship. If you are able to incorporate adult toys into your sex life, you might be able to bring your partner to another level of satisfaction that only you are able to accomplish due to the fact that you know your partners body so well. Using sex toys can be fun and exciting, remember that. It is often hard to communicate your feelings about sex but you need to stay open and honest with your partner. People might not tend to think so, or they will deny it to the day they die, but sex plays the biggest part in any relationship. It’s what we as humans where put on the earth to do. If you do not have a happy sex life then you will never have a happy relationship.

Having said things and no matter how open you think your relationship might be, it could still be a daunting task to bring up the subject of sex toys in the bedroom. Remember to take things slow and not to alienate your partners. Everybody has a different level of tolerance but you should know where that level is. Do not overstep it too far but also try to push the boundaries a little bit. Do not on your first attempt try to convince your partner that you would like to try the clitoris killer 9000, but rather start off with something slow like a dildo or a vibrator. There are so many options to choose from. You might think that it  sounds dumb but even just bring the subject up with your partner and going online and doing some research into the different things that you would like to try with our partner can be and exciting thing to do. There are so many types of different sex toys and stores out there, it can be a bit daunting at times. Sit down with your partner and discuss the different things that you would like to try and what you both would like to accomplish from the experience and hope to gain.

In order for you and your partner to fully enjoy the use of sex toys in the bedroom, you need to be open and honest with everything and every detail. Remember that sex is supposed to be fun and not an obligation. But an open and honest communication is key. You need to be able to respect each other’s boundaries and know exactly what they want and how you are going to help facilitate how they get there. Let’s say that you don’t go online to buy your sex toys and you choose to go to a adult sex toys shop and go and find something there that you like. Make a habit out of it to go with your partner so not to alienate them or make them feel left out. Make a day out of it. Or you can make it a fun and spontaneous thing to do if that is something that you think that your partner might be into. But if you are a newcomer to the sex toy world that I would defiantly suggest that you start with the smaller adult toys and work your way to the bigger or more advanced novelty toys. This not only makes it more fun but easier for you and your partner to accommodate all the different changes that you will go thorough and easier for the both of you to push the boundaries.

Always remember that intercourse should be a fun act and not something that you feel that you have to do just because you have to. It should always be enjoyable and exciting. Remember that sex should be a fun act and not something that you feel that you have to do just because you have to. It should always be enjoyable and exciting.


Fleshlight Male Adult Toys

Fleshlight sleeveTo some it may come as a surprise to know that the fleshlight were made by a ex- Police officer. This male toy has become very pioneering and has taken masturbation to another intensity level. The name fleshlight comes from the sleeve inside the toy that feels exactly like flesh or skin. The capsule looks exactly like a normal flashlight.

Fleshlight – Best anal, vagina or mouth clone

The inside of a fleshlight determines the stimulation you will get from the sex toy. Each fleshlight resembles the insides of a women’s vagina, anus or mouth. You as the user can choose which sleeve design you would like. If you chose to use the anal sleeve, the fleshlight would feel like the inside of a women’s anus, if you choose a fleshlight with a vagina it will feel like having sex in a vagina and if you choose the mouth it will feel exactly like somebody is performing oral sex on you.

In most cases men still use their hands to stimulate themselves. This has been so for thousands of years, but now it’s become a bit more advanced. With the fleshlight masturbation has taken masturbation to a whole new dimension. With the fleshlight you can now mimic the feeling of having sex with a woman. Using your hands does not come near having intercourse with a sex toys like the fleshlight. The developers of this sex toy believe that masturbation has now progress to something more intense. They also believe that they will soon break popularity records in terms of people using these sex toys.

The pink lady sex must be the most popular sex toy in its market. The Pink lady fleshlight is the original fleshlight and has single handily transform the male sex toy industry. The Pink lady inner diameter sleeve is approximately 2 centimetres  in diameter. This makes is perfect for 99% of all penis sizes, circumcised or even uncircumcised. Men prefer to use lube while performing sexually. This of course depends on your taste.

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Men have on various blogs and forums that has masturbated using fleshlights has found it a rewarding and pleasing experience. You as the male do not have to have a big penis to enjoy this toy. The product can take the smallest to the biggest without any issue. Some men have noted that masturbating has desensitized their penises. With the fleshlight you can now regain you sensitivity.

How to get a girl to be better at sex

good looking girlIt does not happen often but sometimes when you meet a new girl and you go to bed for the first time you realize that she does not actually know what she is doing. This can be become very frustrating. No guy or girl want to sleep with somebody that is a flop in bed. If a girl is a bit shy or she does not know how to perform certain sexual positions it can cause issues in the relationship.

If a girl doesn’t know how to perform in bed it does not actually imply that you need to stop the sexual partnership. To save this relationship you can use a couple communication techniques that may help. Please check the following recommended techniques to improve your sexual adventures.

Talk about your sex life
In some instances the girl knows that the sex life is not what it should be. The first thing you do is to start to talk about it. Make sure that you as the male are not to overbearing when you have this conversation. Explain to your girlfriend of wife that you think that your sex life can be a bit more adventurous. Explain to the girl that you are not satisfied with your current sex life. Also explain that if they can improve their sex life it will also strengthen the relationship.

Ask her about her Fantasies
It does not matter who you are, everybody has sexual fantasies. Ask your girlfriend of wife if she has any sexual fantasies that they may want to play out. Nothing gets a girl going more than playing out their secret sexual fantasies. As she explores her sex fantasy she will leave her embarrassment at the door and become more sexually active. Try to find out what she thinks is hot. We have found that most men only think about what they want in a sexual relationship, they don’t even think that the girl may also have fantasies. Both parties have to come to party, if the girl says that she would like to do something that you as the male would not normally enjoy, you as the male have to make a compromise and play out the fantasy. When the girl sees that you have to compromise your ideas then she may open up sexually and even play out one of your more seedy fantasies.

Make her feel special

If it means you have to do more date nights or buy her some flowers every week or so, make her feel special. Some girls will only do the necessary in the bed if they feel that this guy does not actually need anything special. Become the guy that can actually change her sexual attitude. If a relationship has been going on for years, sex can become a mundane exercise. If she feels that the relationship is not going anywhere, then the girl may not want to do anything special sexually. When a guy and a girl meet for a first time, you can feel the sexual tension but as time goes on, the sexual tension slowly wears off.  That is why it imperative that you keep your lover mentally and sexually happy.

Teach her to use a Sex Toy

Explain to her what you need sexually. Some girls may just be ignorant in matters of sex. Ask her if you can use a sex toy in your sex play. Studies have shown that using a male of female adult toy will actually increase sensation and also enhance your relationship. If for example you want to try out anal sex, then explain to her that you want to try something out that you have not done before. Slowly work up to it by suggesting you want to try out a new position or an intimate toy.  If she agrees you can move up to more advanced sex positions and other so called taboo things.

What is the Purpose of the adult toy?

ImageIt all depends which sex toy use choose. For females it would be to stimulate the female genitals, while for men it would be to help them keep their erections or provide sexual satisfaction in other ways than normal hand masturbation. Sometimes users would use couple adult toys to increase sensation while having sex. The basic rule is that sex toys are used by male and females to excite the genital area in a different way than they normally would.

Most users of adult toys have only good things to say about them. Using a toy while having sex can actually help a relationship. Just think about the different variations and not to mention the different experiences and sensations. It also provides a fantasy element that can really improve and regenerate a dying relationship.
Technically speaking, adult toys is explained as follows. The sex toy provide direct stimulus to the female or male gentiles either while having sex or during foreplay.  It assists the person using the adult gadget to achieve an orgasm while using the toy, alone or with a partner.

There are many types of adult novelty toys on the market. If you were to search Google for a specific keyword like “adult toys”, you will find hundreds of websites selling the same products. In fact some US and UK manufactures have mentioned that there are almost ten thousand new toys in circulation each and every year. This does not even include toys manufactured in China or other Eastern Bloc countries.

The world most well-known toy would have to be the impressive vibrator. The vibrator has been around for almost 50 years, if not longer. The vibe first became known as the masager but later as people got used to the idea it became more well-known and just became the vibrator. The massager became a product range on its own. Who has not heard of the Hitachi massager? This toy has been around for over 40 years. Built in Japan in the early 60’s it was manufactured as a back rub massager. At the time it was frowned upon to sell an adult toy as a sex toy. So the guys that manufactured the toy told the normal public that it was actually a massager for the back. I guess everybody knew but avoided the issue this way.

More well know toys have to the cock ring for men, this toy worn around the male penis. Its main function is to keep blood in the penis for longer periods of time. The male can then have sex and not worry about losing his erection. For newbies that want try out a penis ring, you have to remember that you cannot wear the ring around the penis long periods of time. It may help you keep you erection but it can also damage blood vessels in the penis, which we all know is not good. For more information on vibrators, sexual massagers and cock rings please visit one of our many delightful sex blogs or sex toy websites.

Reasons why every relationship needs adult toys

want to have sexThe TOP Reasons why every relationship needs adult toys

In this day and age, the topic of sex is becoming a more and more talked about subject. Gone are the days that it was frowned upon to talk about sex to others, and especially to your parents. When I was growing up, you would never think about talking about sex to your parents because it was just too uncomfortable. But these days’ parents are realizing the importance in talking to their kids about sex and the relationships they can form. Having said this, how can you enlighten others if you are not sure about things yourself? There are so many ways to talk about it, and sex toys play a very big role in this. If you are in a relationship, you might not think so but adult toys can play a very big role in the bedroom. Ever since the book fifty shades of grey were released, there has been a massive spike in the sex toys industry. This is because more and more people out there are becoming more and more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.

This created many opportunities for a number of studies to be conducted and one of the things that it revealed was that about 45% of all women between the ages of 18 to 60 have admitted to using vibrators or dildos. These studies further showed that of these women, 78% of them used these vibrators and dildos with their partners. This is because it made them feel that using them with their partners actually opened up a new doorway of intimacy in their relationship.

Surprisingly only 20% of these women in the study said that they feel uncomfortable with using vibrators and dildos because it seemed unnatural. A further 5% did not like to use them because of the fear that they thought their partner would feel inadequate in the bedroom. This was especially thin the occasion when there was a female with a male partner. The women were afraid that when they wanted to use a vibrator in the bedroom that their male partners would feel inadequate. But out of all these statistics, it is clear that more and more people are realizing the significance of have sex toys in the bedroom.

When you are thinking of sex toys in the bedroom, there are a couple of things you need to ask yourself if you are not using sex toys in the bedroom. For example, is your sex life so perfect that you think that you don’t need them? When you have sex with your partner, are you totally satisfied when you are finished? What would be the benefits of using them? What quality adult toys would work for you?

It does not matter who you are and what you think that you might be capable of in the bedroom but bare this in mind, your sex life can always be better. There are always things that you can do to improve your sex life. Something that people tend to forget tis that sex is meant to be fun. It should not be seen as something serious, well serious in the sense of enjoyment. This is where sex toys play a very big role in spicing things up in the bedroom. Sex toys can also be a very effective way for you and your partner to express yourself sexually. More sex

Gay men using anal toys

dongYou don’t need to be an expert to have a steamy very hot lovemaking session with your guy. Gay guys are blessed with different means to gratify their bodies and also achieve orgasms the way the adult male porn starts do it on adult gay videos. Anal toys are the path to take, and then one doesn’t have to be a veteran, to take pleasure in them. Check out the marketplace, and you would certainly come across a good amount of sex toys in shops and also on the internet websites to fulfil any of your desires.

Cock rings are the most tried and used adult toy in the entire world by gay adult men these days. Numerous claims the origins date back to the Jin and also Song kingdom in Asia. Aside from the cock ring mania, the majority of males actually buy fleshlights, for individual masturbation, grouping hand jobs and even partner enjoyment. Let me share, if you want to obtain anal gadgets or adult gadgets, all you need to do is determine what you would like and also exactly what features it needs. This could assist you to find out your erotic requirements and also appreciate your own desires better.

If this sounds like the very first time you are out in the marketplace searching for anal toys, there are some points we want to instruct to you. The majority of gay male sex toy websites possess basic packages readily available for very first time use, this really is an inexpensive solution to try out These items are intended particularly to boost gay sexual satisfaction.

These toys could be the penis pump, plugs for the butt, fleshlights as well as rings for the cock. You can employ anal plugs also, the sensation is amazing and particularly whenever you notice him groan and moan whilst he fondles your own ball sac as you do him, the enthusiasm is invaluable. Try out adult toys like anal beads, which might be of a variety of girth and sizes. Anal plugs, cock rings, beads etc, consist of various styles and dimensions, the options is yours honey.

Right now if you happen to be a dude who realizes exactly what he desires and possesses knowledge about anal toys, you ought to then be seeking out sex pumps. This kind of gadgets would certainly increase the penis as researchers claim, help to make the penis hard and also rigid, and also improve the girth for additional pleasure and also enjoyment as well. One may also have love-making dolls to have fun with, a number of man dolls include semi erect cocks connected to them and one’s which vibrate equally well. Almost all man lifelike dolls include anuses that happen to be deep and alluring, possibly mouths on them which want to gobble your own manhood and also by no means let it go. What about getting sucked by your own gentleman, whilst you make use of a ribbed veined dildo inside his butt? Or perhaps anal vibrating playthings, and plugs which might provide a lot more velocity whilst he suck and also jacks the penis and ball sac? The preference once again is exclusively yours, we certainly have talked adult toys, right now it is for you to choose how steamy and raunchy you might need to get.

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The Sex Toy Industry

adult toy marketAt last count the sex toy industry is worth an annual 15 billion dollars worldwide. Sex toys have been used before man became man. There is evidence that man and women in prehistoric times used sex toys. The word sex toy says it all. Sex of-course referring to sexual intercourse and toy referring to some sort of device you can play with and enjoy. Women everywhere is holding so-called fantasia parties. Women come together to drink and eat look at Tupperware and then some girl show how these sex toys are used.

First on the list has to be the dildo. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some come in sizes so small as a single finger while other as thick and long as a bodybuilders arm.

Second on the list would have to be the vibrator. This device is seen as the engineering rebel cousin of the dildo. Also known to come in a wide variety of sizes ( from small to large). Often found in different shapes to enhance appearance. The new kinds of vibes are known personal massagers. These massagers can also be used to massage muscle.